Chiefs’ Alex Smith admits he’s looking over his shoulder at rookie Patrick Mahomes

Alex Smith feels like he may have been in this movie before, and in the first showing, it didn’t end well for the tragic figure.

The Chiefs, Smith’s current team, traded up in the NFL Draft last month to select quarterback Patrick Mahomes. When Smith was in San Francisco in 2011, the 49ers drafted QB Colin Kaepernick in the second round. Kaepernick replaced Smith as the starter midway through the 2012 Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys season, and Smith was traded to Kansas City the following March.

On Tuesday, a judge also dismissed the assault and disorderly conduct charges as a result of Jones’ guilty plea. Video of Jones’ arrest caught him yelling profanities at an officer, including the phrase, “I hope you die tomorrow.”

“I would like to apologize for my actions that night towards the police officer,” Jones said in court. “That is not an example of how I want kids to see me.”

Although a number of the charges were dismissed, the NFL is still likely to step in. Jones is a repeat offender as arrests early in his career almost cut his professional football life short, but the Bengals gave him another chance and have supported him since.

“I’m trying to get better every day with the necessary treatments that I’m taking,” Jones said Tuesday.

The cornerback has been mostly quiet about the arrest in public. When asked about the incident last month, Jones erupted at a reporter.