Chart Party: The saddest plate appearance of all time

If we think about it a certain way, baseball’s lowest point occurred on Aug. 14, 2011, in Miami, Fla. The barely-attended game appeared to have little more than 500 people in the seats, which meant the game featured a fan-to-player ration of 10-1. Maybe it’s for the best that so few were there to witness baseball history’s saddest plate appearance, or maybe it’s a tragedy that more didn’t bear witness.

I’m not going to pretend that these pitchers don’t come with some red flags. Doolittle has troubles staying on the field; Madson is on the older side and often has injury concerns of his own; Kintzler is a weirdo no-strikeout pitcher, even if he’s been successful.

But the Nationals have a bullpen now. They can mix and match better. They can shorten the game just a bit. Their biggest weakness was addressed, which is exactly what a team in their position needs to do. There’s no thinking about 2020 for the Nationals. There’s Max Scherzer and Daniel Murphy Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys and Bryce Harper and go go go go go.

If they got Zach Britton or Justin Wilson, they would have made my “Super Winners of the Trade Deadline” column that’s available for premium SB Nation Gold subscribers. As is, they Cheap Mitchell And Ness Jerseys did what they needed to do.

The third is now, right now, because Corey Seager, Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correa, Addison Russell, and Xander Bogaerts are going to define the position for a decade, and there are a half-dozen prospects coming up soon who can add to that impressive list. The Great Wave of Shortstop Hegemony is coming, if it hasn’t swept us away already.