Why the Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets trade is taking so long

The Knicks and Rockets have started talking about a Carmelo Anthony trade again after much back and forth between the two teams, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Anthony is reportedly open to waiving his no-trade clause to join James Harden and Chris Paul, and Nene Instagrammed a picture of Anthony in a Rockets uniform. Paul even left a not-so-subtle hint in an interview with Marc Spears of the Undefeated, saying to “sit back and wait” when asked about Melo.

So why is Anthony still a Knick? Because trading him to Houston is quite complicated.

Anthony is set to make more than $26 million in 2017-18, the eighth most of any player in the league. Houston will have to find a way to match that salary within 125 percent in any deal. Getting rid of its next highest paid player in Ryan Anderson is the best way to do it, but the Knicks shouldn’t want him. Anderson’s hefty contract starts at more than $19 million and totals more than $61 million over three years.

Leonard does have his own Jordan Brand logo and was featured in his own Jordan Brand commercial in June asking if Kawhi can guard Kawhi. But that was one of the first times he was the subject of a national ad campaign. (By the way, these adorable HEB commercials don’t count.)

That’s far different from Leonard’s basketball peers. Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and even Kyrie Irving are all higher-profile superstars off the court than Leonard, even if they might not necessarily be better basketball players. They all have signature shoes that sell and are featured in numerous advertisements.

Leonard wasn’t even in the top 10 last year in NFL Jerseys 2014 NBA endorsement dollars according to a report from Forbes. Part of that is playing in Nike NFL Jerseys From China San Antonio, but another larger part of it is that Leonard just isn’t that marketable.

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Or because it was such a wonderful experience sacking an all-time great quarterback that it felt like heaven (which is how a bed feels)? Whatever the case, sacking Brady helped propel the Broncos into the Super Bowl, where Von spent more time laying around, except this time on Cam Newton. And the result of his dominant defense was a title and a bajillion media appearances this offseason.

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