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There s just something wrong with Bayer s approach in the final third right now. Despite having loads of attacking talent, things aren t clicking for the Germans in the final third, and those struggles were on full display as they continuously tried and failed to get Cheap Jerseys Promo Code something going in attack against Atl ti.

Time and again, one of Bayer s attackers would get into the final third and either blindly run into traffic, or pick his head up and seemingly not be able to find a teammate where he expected them to be. Or when they did manage to get a pass off, it was the wrong pass sent to the far post when the receiving player starts a near post run, played low when they looked for something higher, or other such missed connections.

There s something very not right with Bayer s preparation process right now for their attackers to be so consistently on the wrong page with each other, and they need to spend a lot of time figuring that out and fixing it before their actual quality will be on display.

The game is arguably the one that most people are looking forward to because of comments made by Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim last week about the city of Greensboro.

Boeheim said, There s no value to playing in Greensboro. None. It resulted in the city having a scorching rebuttal on Twitter. On Sunday when Syracuse was matched up to play UNCG, it was nearly as exciting as seeing the NCAA tournament bracket unveiled.

And after waiting one night longer than expected, UNCG has the chance to represent their city against Boeheim and the Orange. The winner of this matchup will face Ole Miss, who Cheap Jerseys Online Free Shipping advanced Tuesday to the second round of the NIT after defeating Monmouth, 91-83.

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