Simulate straight through the entire season and playoffs

Start a “My League” and take control of all 32 teams, making it so that Seattle and Virginia Beach would take these exact rosters after an expansion draft. The 2K expansion draft only lets you pick 13 players, so I tinkered to get both the Sonics and Knights to 15 bodies. Then I made their lineups and distributed minutes.
Turn off injuries. That’s not realistic, of course, but I figured it’d be the best way to avoid random weirdness in a one-year simulation. Lineups stayed the same all year.

Simulate straight through the entire season and playoffs, using the 2016-17 schedule. Next season’s isn’t loaded into the game yet, and everyone plays 82 games against similar opposition anyway.

I downloaded an up-to-date roster so teams could have their 2017 rookie classes. That’s not perfectly scientific (and nothing else here is, either), but the roster I used was one of the best-reviewed available on the PlayStation network.

The Cavs fully intend to keep James through the remainder of his career, but without a commitment from him, they have to be proactive in their quest to stay afloat.

In James’ last year, it’s important to maximize what could be his last year in Really Cheap Jerseys Cleveland.

If they compete now, he’ll have a difficult time leaving. If Quality Cheap Jerseys they don’t, it’s an easy decision for him to make. The Cavs have some tough decisions to make.

If the Lakers tampered, they simply put darker lines between the already connected dots. If the league finds that an L.A. official told Paul George that the Lakers want to sign him and another max free agent in 2018, and George then informed Indiana of his plans to leave, who cares? If not in 2017, the Lakers would have told George their plans on July 1, 2018. If George wants to leave now, he’ll want to leave then. One struggles to see how Indiana was actually harmed further in any of this.

That’s the problem with current NBA tampering rules: Tampering doesn’t actually matter. It provides no advantage for the tamperer or harm to the tampered team.

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Or because it was such a wonderful experience sacking an all-time great quarterback that it felt like heaven (which is how a bed feels)? Whatever the case, sacking Brady helped propel the Broncos into the Super Bowl, where Von spent more time laying around, except this time on Cam Newton. And the result of his dominant defense was a title and a bajillion media appearances this offseason.

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