Jazz mascot avenges little kid who was shoved by a Clippers fan during a bubble race

A fun event during the break in Clippers vs. Jazz turned ugly when the Clippers fan turned his inflatable ball around and rammed a small child representing the Jazz.

There was no reason for this. Clippers fan was clearly winning, he had a height and weight advantage as well as longer legs — there was no need to obliterate his opponent. Thankfully, Jazz Bear was there to play the role of enforcer and exact for sweet, sweet revenge.

I’m not one to condone violence, but Clippers kid was an ass. The brutality of the hit from Jazz Bear can’t be understated, either. Those giant inflatable balls are there to protect against collisions from the side. By Jazz Bear rocking the kid like this he just crashed straight into the floor, getting little (if any) protection from his inflatable prison.

Also, it should probably be noted that this was definitely all a setup by the team to spark a little home crowd hatred towards the Clippers.

He’s trying to throw an around-the-back pass to Kyrie Irving, but there’s absolutely no reason for him to do that. With the Cleveland Cavaliers up three and time running out, all Smith needed to do was keep dribbling and take the intentional foul, or perhaps toss it to Irving if possible with a safer pass. The only bad outlet would have been a turnover, and he did that. Sure, basketball is instinctual, but that’s a situation where Smith has to think smarter.

He knew, though! Here’s his sheepish reaction.

It didn’t cost Cleveland, because the good look that Paul George subsequently got missed badly and LeBron James clinched the game at the free throw line. But if George had hit that Cheap High Quality Soccer Jerseys shot and the Indiana Pacers won the game, Smith’s pass could’ve forced Cleveland to play another totally unnecessary Cheap Hats And Jerseys game instead of sweeping the first-round series.