Watson was awarded Habitat’s first-ever Next Generation award

The 21-year-old Watson is a native of Gainesville, Ga., where he grew up with his mother and siblings in a home built by Habitat for Humanity and furnished by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn. Habitat is a cause that remains near to Watson’s heart.

In 2015, Watson was awarded Habitat’s first-ever Next Generation award, to honor children who grew up in Habitat homes and went on to achieve great things. He certainly fits the bill.

It wasn’t just a house. It was a home for Watson’s family, and it brought stability and hope. That foundation helped Watson become who he is on the field, too.

“I know where I was before, and I know where I want to go,” Watson said via ESPN’s David Hale in 2015. “I’m not afraid of who I am.”

Players are often asked to step into roles that they might not be used to, and that includes Reeves-Maybin. While teams haven’t asked him to switch positions, they have talked to him about his comfort level playing in space or playing out guarding the receiver.

One place he’s been challenged to the point of success is against the run, thanks to Tennessee teammate — and fellow draft prospect — Alvin Kamara. Reeves-Maybin named the running back as the toughest player he faced in college, which is quite the compliment considering all of the former SEC competitors who are now training for the NFL right alongside him.

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