Maybe even worse was the stubbornness to stick with Peterman until halftime.

Even after three first quarter interceptions — one of which was a pick-six — the Bills trailed 10-7 after 15 minutes and 17-7 after the Chargers started the second quarter with a touchdown. With the game still in reach, McDermott gave Peterman a chance to right the ship, but that only allowed things to get worse.

Peterman added two more interceptions to his total as Los Angeles rolled to a 27-0 edge in the second quarter alone and a 37-7 lead at halftime.

With his decision clearly backfiring, McDermott sat on it until it was far too late for Buffalo to have any hope of coming back.

The reality is that Taylor was benched mostly due to his conservative nature as a passer. He is — for better or worse — a player who doesn’t take many chances and doesn’t throw many interceptions as a consequence.

While Peterman threw five interceptions in two quarters Sunday, Taylor has just three in all of 2017. His tendency to check down instead of taking shots downfield can be frustrating for a team looking for a spark, but Taylor isn’t someone who will melt down.

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