Trent Williams knee injury: Washington tackle exits game vs. Giants

Washington offensive tackle Trent Williams sustained a right knee injury during the team’s Thursday Night Football game against the New York Giants and is questionable to return.

There’s not much we know about what exactly happened, but there’s this from ESPN 980 in Washington, D.C.: A tape of him dragging his unconscious partner surfaced online, and the NFL suspended him for two games. Fast forward to September, and leaked footage taken from inside the elevator showed the graphic details of Rice’s assault on Palmer, which led to the running back’s release from the Ravens and an indefinite suspension from the league.

Of all the things that a fan could do with her spare time, why devote yourself to this? This seems like the sort of thing everyone could agree on, in some ways — most people don’t like the idea of businesses ducking out on their civic obligations — but the NFL is a pretty conservative sport with a pretty conservative discourse, and that tends to have a strange effect on people where that’s concerned. How would you characterize the response you’ve gotten?

I love football. Look, my petition wasn’t created in an attempt to bring down the NFL. Almost every football fan I know wants to see the league changed for the better specifically because they love football. We want to cheer for our teams with enthusiasm, not with caveats or heavy hearts. The support from the fans has been overwhelming.

The issues that have been coming to a head with the league lately are not new to the sport or the personnel. But to be honest, they have been ignored for too long due to the sheer arrogance of the league office. They thought they were untouchable. Nobody is untouchable. And I think that’s part of what people want to see.

We want the NFL to be a team player, to have good character, to be the star we enjoy watching every week. More than anything, we want them to remember that without the fans, there is no league. Our voices should be heard and considered.5